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Team members

Sharon, the developer of the solution, was responsible for creating the interactive elements and ensuring that the solution was user-friendly and intuitive. She worked closely with Jose, the 3D modeler and developer, to create a solution that was both functional and visually appealing. 

Irene and Harrison, the designers on the team, were responsible for designing all interactive sounds and images around the office environment that was both visually appealing and functional. They added their touch to the presentation, creating a logo and graphics that complemented the overall look and feel of the project. 

Luis, the head of the team, brought it all together. He developed a strategy to sell the solution to the jury, creating compelling PowerPoints that showcased the project's potential. His leadership was key in ensuring that the project was completed on time.  

The proposal

This is a virtual office emergency drill solution designed to help employees understand what to do in case of an emergency, without having to physically leave their seats. The initial focus of the solution is on the fire drill during the onboarding process of a company, but it can be expanded to include different types of drills such as tornado drills or earthquake drills.

The simulated office allows the employees to follow the same path they would in real life and prepares them to handle the emergency with confidence and efficiency. 

The team worked together to create a virtual office space that simulates a real-life emergency scenario. The solution includes a 3D office environment that is designed to mimic the layout and setup of the fourth floor in UK office space. The solution also includes interactive elements such as alarms, virtual exit signs, and a fire simulation. 


The virtual office emergency drill solution is a functional and effective tool for companies to prepare their employees for emergency situations. The team members worked together seamlessly to create a solution that is visually stunning and functional. We are proud of our work and are excited to present it to the esteemed jury. 

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