Brazookas - Brazil

*** You can watch Brazookas experience at the bottom of this page

Team members

- Alexander Schevtschenko - Digital Experience Project Leader 
- Alexia Dreger - Digital Experience Designer 
- Rogerio Mello - Expert Engineer Technology 
- Julio Oliveira - Digital Experience Lead Engineer 
- Jose Miguel Silva - QA

The proposal

We developed an experience where the user absorbs all of the onboarding content through a fun, simple and light journey, and what better way to do that if not in a gaming scenario, right? It’s a simple journey inspired in games such as "No Man's Sky" and "Gods of Gravity", where the user navigates in his spaceship accompanied by his assistant, our company’s mascot Haru, to discover the different NTT galaxies as its planets.

Here each galaxy corresponds to a specific onboarding theme, and the planets are the subtopics for that theme, the user can land on those planets and discover their contents (always based on onboarding information).

The phases of the project

Ideation phase

In the weeks before Nakathon, we came together to figure out what each of us had in mind and how to link it to what could be an asset, a tool module, a customizable project accelerator that we can sell to our clients and use internally at NTT. 

During those meetings we developed specific processes and documentation from an UX perspective for immersive experiences (prototypes in VR, non-Linear Journeys...), all of those centralized at our one specific backlog for future projects to use as an example. 

We did different types of dynamics: write our ideas down, filter those ideas based on Nakathon criteria and a roadmap to define when each of us would act depending on the scenario ahead of us. We also gathered a board for visual references so the team could be on the same page as to the design of the experience.  

Images of our dynamic’s boards:

We not only meet as a group, but also with HR representatives to draw a real visual journey of how and what content would be presented to the user in each galaxy and planet, and how the HR would explain each step to the user. 

Image of the final journey to be used for Nakathon:

We also met with NTT collaborators that participated in virtual onboardings through the pandemic (national and international) to understand their specific needs and pain points, so we could focus on solving those with our solution. 

Image of the final report:

Last but not least, we drew our “perfect journey” so we could materialise the flow the user would follow once inside NAKA’s experience:

Image of the journey:

Once we had all of this material, we prepared to produce our experience in the day of the event!


On the day of the event we separated in: designers focused on the visuals for the environment and NTT’s mascot Haru guiding videos, Engineers and QA worked on the API for connecting chatGPT with NAKA and also uploading Unity’s scenarios and environments in NAKA.

Our biggest challenge was to develop the journey as a whole in the days of the event, which even if not achieved is still a project in progress for our group!


For the pitch we had a little bit of technical issues but we were able to present the macro of what we were thinking as our solution!

Watch the experience and pitch of Brazookas

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