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Team members

Dorina Mihai

NTT DATA role: Senior Associate
Role in the Nakathon project: Designer

Chi Nga Leung (Terence)

NTT DATA role: Conversational AI Solutions Architect
Role in the Nakathon project: Engineer

Gergana Georgieva

NTT DATA role: Associate
Role in the Nakathon project: Engineer

Paula Warren

NTT DATA role: Designer
Role in the Nakathon project: Designer

David Amadi

NTT DATA role: Practice Lead, Experience Optimisation & MarTech
Role in the Nakathon project: Designer

The proposal

The Journey Challenge provides a virtual reality induction experience for all employees onboarding a company, from junior to senior positions. The gamified challenge incorporates guidance from ChatGPT, making the training more engaging and interactive.

The selected training for the Nakaton project is the Fire Drill Challenge, with plans for future scalability to include other trainings for new employees, where ChatGPT will play a key role. Let's now explore the business value:

- Providing fire safety awareness tips as part of their induction
- Improving efficiency and productivity
- Enhancing compliance and risk management

Our objectives

- We want employees to be knowledgeable and competent in the event of a fire within their office environment.
- We aim to provide a more engaging and innovative onboarding experience for new hires.
- We want our employees to have access to ChatGPT, allowing them to receive personalized advice and answers to their questions.

The technology

The phases of the project

Discovery phase

We developed the following strategy to present our VR proposal at the end of the weekend, while considering time constraints and anticipating potential limitations as much as possible.

We realized new team members were drowning in info during onboarding. We brainstormed and came up with gamified security training like fire drills and phishing simulations.

We added a social aspect too. Then, we had a light bulb moment: why not add ChatGPT as a guide? We wondered if it was even possible with NAKA's architecture and Unity.

Luckily, we had Terence on our team, who made it happen technically. Gergana focused on super realistic emergency fire simulations for the office context. Our solution tackled onboarding overload and added a fun, conversational aspect with ChatGPT.

Real challenge

Then came the hard part: combining both ideas for a super impactful experience! For security training, we had to be thorough.

- For the security training aspects, we had to: learn fire safety procedures from existing courses and safety training materials, conduct on-site research at the office to make it realistic. Goal: teach one type of fire cause (e.g. electrical) and how to use CO2 fire extinguishers for those situations.

- Regarding Chat GPT interactions: the person should be able to interact with Chat GPT in real time until finding helpful responses for the fire scenario challenge.

We kept working towards our proposal by taking small steps, making improvements, and iterating. With ChatGPT integrated properly, we were able to provide tailored prompts for the fire scenario. Not a bad start! 😊

The funny side!

We knew that adding a fun aspect to the VR experience was crucial to avoid it becoming tedious. Being gaming enthusiasts, we decided to incorporate a coin system to create a game-like logic and reward users during onboarding (e.g. virtual coins for perks). To encourage users to rely on their knowledge rather than ChatGPT, we added a small penalty for using it too often. That's where Techie, the ChatGPT robot representation, came in to play against the user in the challenge. 

We tried to improve the interaction with ChatGPT by recreating a 3D keyboard in Unity or implementing voice commands, but we had to stick with the chat panel for the working feature.

The User Experience

Basic flow

Scenario & Use case definition

Gamification Learning training experience with ChatGPT

User Testing Survey for the Flow

5 users, 10 questions. Facilitator: Paula / Support: Dorina

Link to the online survey: https://ydrcfftpdbt.typeform.com/to/xENvipB9 

Examples of Incorporate User feedback

Thanks to those, we had a good handle on what we still needed to do, and we kept those things in mind while working under pressure. For example, some outcomes that were transform into action points:

- Include Timer.
- Panel to show coins.
- Chat GPT interaction in VR (improved interaction. 3D keyboard/voice).
- Add many laptops and cables on the table in the room (more details realistic scene.
- Trophy at the end with Congratulations message. You won these many coins (points).


Dorina Mihai: “The Nakathon meant I could work with amazing professionals, it represented an exciting opportunity to showcase my skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. I also learned new skills and had a lot of fun!”

Paula Warren: “Participating in a VR design Hakaton in Naka provided a valuable opportunity for exchanging ideas with colleagues and improving my ability to support and collaborate with my team under pressure. I gained important insights into effective teamwork and achieving common goals”.

Gergana Georgieva: “It was a great opportunity to learn new skills, have fun while collaborating with colleagues and test problem solving under pressure”.

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