Metaverse Perú - Peru


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Team members

Katherine Lilia

 Project Lead

Diego Arturo

Lead Engineer

Emilio Fermin

Lead Analyst

Simon Jose


Rodrigo Miguel

Technical Lead

The proposal

Our proposal will provide a solution that makes it an unforgettable experience that allows NTT Data employees to learn about the company, allow access to a high number of weekly users and sessions without relying on a physical classroom or just Microsoft Teams. This is a solution that can be portable and viewable from both a laptop and virtual reality headset in Naka platform.  

Going on detail, we have developed a Maze experience that is a key element for the innovation and engagement of the company's employees because through the whole journey, employees can learn valuable information on hidden treasure chest and trivia. Remembering something that we have seen can last longer than something that we only heard, just as something that has cost us more to find has a greater permanence of memory in our brains.

Welcome to ChaufaLand! 

ChaufaLand comes from a Peruvian word, Chaufa. Chaufa is a Peruvian dish with different textures and ingredients in its preparation, as well as being a fusion dish. In essence we think NTT Data is a mixture of different profiles, cultures, ages, and needs.  

That is why we create ChaufaLand, in short, all around the world we have various dishes like this, and each country or region could create its own atmospheres making the dynamics and content their own according to their demands. 

Our objectives

The Nakathon has been a very enriching experience from an accelerated learning perspective and launching our project as Metaverse Peru. We all had a clear idea of what we wanted to achieve, and it was to have an onboarding space for the company with a playful approach so that people wanted to stay longer and share in this environment while feeling the values of NTT Data.  

We know that everything related to Metaverse is on trend, but we should consider it as an immensely powerful tool to reach the hearts of our collaborators.  

We want to avoid some comments as "this could have been an email or a pdf", but instead we want people to feel the desire to login and search for this fun-information inside our experience, ChaufaLand, interacting with other people in real time, playing and earning points for corporate rewards and unlocking sectors as you advance in levels. 

Watch the experience and pitch of Metaverse Perú

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