NTT DATA participates in the paper "Exploring the Industrial Metaverse" by the World Economic Forum 

The rapid evolution of technologies such as extended reality, artificial intelligence, and 3D modeling has propelled the development of the industrial metaverse. This field is expected to experience significant growth in the coming years, making it crucial for industry leaders to understand its impact. This understanding will enable them to be prepared and harness the potential benefits for both their companies and society at large.

For this reason, the World Economic Forum and the CyberHuman Laboratory at the University of Cambridge have collaborated with prominent partners and industrial organizations, including NTT DATA, to shed light on the dynamics of the industrial metaverse. The focus is on its technologies, key use cases, and the market. The result is "Exploring the Industrial Metaverse: a roadmap to the future", a paper aimed at providing insights into the present and future of the industrial metaverse.

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The document delves into critical themes including the vision and introduction of the industrial metaverse, foundational aspects, the future of the industrial metaverse, and actions for companies and governments.

"Exploring the Industrial Metaverse" establishes a framework for discussion on the essential steps toward an ecosystem that delivers value to both organizations and society. It represents a significant initiative by the World Economic Forum: a space where all participants can collaborate in building an inclusive and sustainable metaverse, thus supporting a responsible industry transition.

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