The Energy and Utilities industry is a key part of Critical National Infrastructure or CNI, which is a perfect descriptor for an industry that forms the foundation of society in every country. It provides the power, water and other vital services on which we all depend, which means that any serious failures within national infrastructure will rapidly lead to problems in other sectors and in society more widely.


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  • Quickly access a wide range of XR trends for the energy and utilities sector from a trusted source.
  • Explore the analysis of the Critical National Infrastructure sector highlights and the key characteristics that are a close fit for XR.
  • Get to know the emerging use cases in which XR fits the market needs and how those are been implemented.
  • Learn how NAKA has been developed to provide the best XR business solutions for the energy and utilities sector.

XR immerses the user inside a virtual environment in which, eventually, users will only need to carry out the kind of actions that are most normal to them within the immersive environment and the actions needed to influence the systems, themselves, will be carried out automatically in the real world

See how NTTDATA evaluates the power of XR in the utilities sector empowering its new product value proposition called NAKA that means ''At the heart of'' or ''In the centre''. Explore how we analyze the trends and the use cases: Download a complimentary copy of the report now.