NAKA, winner of the 7th
edition of the Keicho Awards

The Keicho Awards 2023, prestigious awards that annually recognize innovation and technology in Spanish and Japanese companies, have acknowledged NTT DATA for the value and contribution of our immersive NAKA platform to businesses in Spain and Japan.

The Keicho Awards, a recognition of innovation

The Board of Directors of the Japan-Spain Business Circle (CEJE), which aims to promote economic and business relations between both countries, fostering their development in both markets, met in June to select the winners from among the nominated companies this year.

With these awards, CEJE seeks to recognize the work and efforts of Spanish and Japanese companies in adapting to the changing needs of society in a constantly evolving context. This prestigious recognition values the essential contribution of technology as a key factor in business development and as a catalyst for commercial relations between Spain and Japan.

NAKA, a leader in sustainable innovation

The jury has awarded the NAKA platform for its combination of cutting-edge technologies, virtual reality, augmented reality, and advanced business tools. These elements enable organizations to enhance collaboration, training, presentations, and other business interactions more effectively and engagingly.

In addition to NTT DATA, the Spanish company ECOALF, founded in 2012, was also named a winner in this edition. ECOALF is a leading sustainable fashion company that utilizes the most advanced recycling technologies, along with investment, innovation, and sustainability. All of these factors have led them to become one of the benchmark brands in sustainable fashion.



Thank you very much to CEJE and their Keicho Innovation and Technology Awards for the recognition! A great boost to continue evolving and transforming companies through immersive experiences.

You can access the news released by the Japan Spain Business Circle through this link



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