NAKA joins the third edition of Jump2Digital

On November 17th, we had the great opportunity to share our knowledge as experts in generative AI and immersive technologies at one of the standout events in the field of digital talent: the third edition of Jump2Digital, held at Fira Barcelona.

This event, organized by Mobile World Capital Barcelona and supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, the Generalitat de Catalunya, and the City Council of Barcelona, has established itself as a benchmark in the digital talent field, aiming to bring digital professions closer to talent.

Our renowned expertise in two of the most cutting-edge technologies of the moment, extended reality and generative AI, opens the door for us to participate in relevant gatherings like this. It has proven to be an extremely enriching experience, as it has not only allowed us to connect with digital talent but has also provided the opportunity to highlight the distinctive capabilities of NAKA and share our vision of the future of technology.

'Smart NPC: redefining Interaction through AI'
by Xavier Delgado

Xavier Delgado, VR Expert at NTT DATA, delivered a talk titled 'Smart NPC: Redefining Interaction through AI,' unveiling the key insights into the application of generative AI in virtual reality. 

Xavier talked about the turning pointof the synergy between these technologies, that can be traced back to the emergence of ChatGPT in November 2022, marking an unprecedented revolution in technological development in recent years. He shared his knowledge about this innovative language model, which paved the way for an entirely new way of interacting with technology, with applications extending to immersive reality realms.

Xavier Delgado shared with the attendees how we apply artificial intelligence to NPCs, the characters that accompany users within an experience. By integrating AI into immersive reality, it becomes possible to enhance the sense of immersion, providing users with more natural, accessible, and lifelike experiences.

NAKA, our low-code virtual reality platform

It’is intriguing to highlight the various ways in which the use of NPCs adds exceptional value to interactive experiences. An example of this is the ability to generate natural conversations, similar to our interactions in the real world. This is achieved through the NPC's understanding and precise responses based on its knowledge of the context. Additionally, these NPCs can perform actions and enrich the conversation by displaying specific information from documents or videos, thereby expanding the versatility and utility of the interaction.

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