NTT DATA, a driving partner of the INMERSIVA XR association

NTT DATA, through our virtual reality platform NAKA, has signed a collaboration agreement with INMERSIVA XR, the leading extended reality association in Spain. This exciting step not only represents a strategic alliance but also opens up a wide range of opportunities, visibility, and growth for NAKA in the flourishing XR landscape.

By joining forces with INMERSIVA XR, NTT DATA showcases its commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of immersive technology, promising a future filled with transformative experiences.


INMERSIVA XR, the heart of the XR industry in Spain

INMERSIVA XR, the Spanish extended reality association, is a non-profit initiative that fosters a vibrant ecosystem for professionals, businesses, and all those fascinated by the infinite possibilities of extended reality. Its mission? To create synergies, exchange knowledge, and connect all enthusiasts of this innovative technology.

With over 160 partners on board, including META, Vodafone Business, ICEX, and the Government of Spain, the association has woven a collaborative network that extends both nationally and internationally. By joining forces with dozens of companies, institutions, and initiatives in the XR field, they are building a powerful front to drive growth and visibility for the industry in Spain.

Moreover, the association goes beyond being a meeting point: it also engages in research, outreach, and training activities, with the aim of giving prominence to extended reality technologies and all the professionals linked to them in Spain.



The inclusion of NTT DATA as a driving partner of INMERSIVA XR marks an exciting milestone in the journey toward the future of extended reality. We are thrilled about this new shared path!

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