Immersive experiences at scale

Enhance your business reality with NAKA.
The purpose of NAKA is to help top level organizations to provide large-scale engaging immersive experiences either to their customers or to their employees by providing an enterprise-level extended reality platform.

What is NAKA?

The smartest way to immersive experiences


Develop your specific use cases by using NAKA’s Scene-Gadget-Content (SGC) framework and adapt the experience to your branding guidelines.


Seamlessly integrate with your Business Systems and other cloud services (streaming, CRM, CMS, etc.), and authenticate with your corporate domain credentials.

to run

Just install it and begin your immersion experience by using the pre-built scenes, gadgets and contents.


Start small and scale as you grow. NAKA's cloud SaaS platform with flexible pricing, enables you to reuse all your assets, for you to focus on your business.

NAKA is an enterprise virtual platform that combines pre-built immersive scenes with a powerful design panel allowing the creation of unlimited immersive experinces seamlessly.

What can you do with NAKA?

Bring any physical experience to the digital world.

Showrooms &
retail spaces
Showrooms &
retail spaces
Processes &
business suport spaces
Processes &
business suport spaces


Optimize your brand’s identity

Become a more trusted brand & improve your customers & employee’s involvement by providing  personalized immersive experiences.


New sales channels and more revenue

Create new sales & marketing communication channels, multiply your business volumen from anywhere without adding additional FTEs.




Make it real

Break the barriers of the physical world and create your own reality where you can customize each scene for specific use cases.




Boost collaboration

Amplify your collaboration by providing a virtual dynamic environment for meetings. 





Devices & Stores

NAKA is cross platform running in most modern VR headsets compatible with Unity and also with modern PCs Windows OS. 

Dedicated to virtual reality technology since 2012 and acquired by Facebook in 2014. Oculus is the VR industry market leader with a 50% of the market share. Its latest headset, the Oculus Quest 2, is a standalone device that can be used as a PC-wired device and is used in both personal and professional environments with a quality-price ratio that is hard to beat. 1 in 2 of total actively used VR headsets is an Oculus device and 30% of total are Quest 2.

NAKA is compatible with Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest y Oculus Quest 2.

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Taiwanese company HTC first entered the virtual reality market in 2016 and since then they have been at the forefront of competing at a high level of quality with their desktop and standalone VR devices. HTC devices are widely used in the professional environment since their first device.

NAKA is compatible with HTC VIVE, HTC VIVE Focus Plus.

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With offices around the globe and its main focus on the Asian market, Pico Interactive has been offering solutions and devices for virtual reality focused on the B2B market since 2015. Its devices stand out for their flexibility of adaptation, company support and developer-friendly philosophy.

NAKA is compatible with Pico Neo 2, Pico Neo 3.

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Pico Neo 3 Pro Hero2
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Harmony boost

NAKA is part of syntphony, the orchestra where everis business solutions come together to outperform themselves as performers in perfect sync.

syntphony offers an ecosystem in which NAKA's potential is multiplied to help organizations have a greater power to deploy their business strategies.

These are the syntphony solutions that better suit NAKA.

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News & Stories

Trainings Spaces for Spanish Airline Company

A Spanish Airline Company has a set oftraining coursesthatare criticalforsafegroundoperations. With NAKA, wthey have get it a course in VR in a safe environment and the ROI in 5 years can be around 300%

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